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Green Practices - Our Plants

Alexandria Moulding is at the forefront of environmentally friendly processes and procedures. Our commitment to the Eco-PLAN program begins with a ‘green’ philosophy that we hope will become deeply engrained in our every day operations and in the every day lives of our employees.

  • Our production and manufacturing procedures ensure the best yield from all raw boards which reduces waste.
  • All wood chips and sawdust remaining from our manufacturing procedures are collected through an extensive network of state of the art dust collection systems. This production remnant material is then sent to a central location where it is recycled, and packaged into horse bedding or fireplace pellets.
  • We made a conscious decision to use a water-based primer rather than an oil/lacquer based primer for all our priming requirements.

We believe that by making small changes we can have a big impact, and we encourage our hundreds of employees to make the world a better place one step at a time.

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