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EcoPlanTM Philosophy

The next time you buy an Alexandria Moulding product, you may notice our eco-label and a list of green attributes.

This label means that it was designed and manufactured in the spirit of environmental protection and sustainability. We want our customers to have the information they need about a product readily available so they can make the best choice for themselves and the environment.

We know there can be a lot of confusion out there when it comes to green products, we have chosen to focus on products that are third-party certified. This gives you, the consumer, confidence that what you are buying is recognized worldwide as being part of a sustainable and ecologically friendly world. No products are perfect, but we believe that by providing you with the information, you can make the decisions that work best for you.

Next time you buy green, look for these important third-party certifications:

  • The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an international certification and labelling system for products that come from responsibly managed forests and verified recycled sources. Our FSC® certified products are a select line for which we are accountable for the purchase of FSC® certified raw materials to the manufacturing process, separate storage and proper product labelling.
  • Scientific Certification Systems (SCS): Our MDF product line is certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), which ensures a chain of custody for MDF made from recycled materials.
  • California Air Resources Board Phase 2 (CARB II), TSCA Title VI and E1 Air Quality (Europe) These certifications indicate conformance to the North American and even stricter European standards for formaldehyde emissions.
  • Green Building Certifications: Many of our products may help contribute to green building certifications such as LEEDs. NaHB, or Green Build Canada.
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